Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Translation: Seibu Lions players react to being All-Stars and Tetsuto Yamada

The Saitama Seibu Lions had four players selected to the 2016 NPB All Star series by fan vote. As a result, the team uploaded a video with their reaction and thoughts on making the team. They were also asked about reigning Central League MVP, Tetsuto Yamada.

Here is a reaction from Shogo Akiyama, Ginjiro Sumitani and Kazuhisa Makita:

Kazuhisa Makita [voted in as middle reliever/setup pitcher]: 

"I'm happy and honored to be selected All-Star team. This is the first time selected as a [long reliever]. Formerly selected as a [closer and starter]. I'll do my best and will recover [from my injury]."

(On Tetsuto Yamada): "I'd like to face Tetsuto Yamada and strike him out. I'll show my submarine pitching and do my best."


Ginjiro Sumitani [voted in as catcher]: 

"I'm frankly happy.  I don't have a pleasant memory [from] my past All- Star game history, So this year I'll really make an effort to give a good impression to my fans. I would do my best and show a play to a professional."

(On Tetsuto Yamada): "At the moment I'd like to face him as a catcher. We can win an easy victory over him."


Shogo Akiyama [OF]: 

"I'm very proud that I was selected an outfielder of Pacific league All- Star team."

(On Tetsuto Yamada): "If we [strike him out], may I sit down in the outfield?"

"Yokohama is my hometown and [I] have a special feeling [about it]. So I'd like to show them my [playing abilities]."

(Shogo Akiyama played high school baseball at Yokohama Sogaku Hall before going to Hachinohe University in Aomori prefecture. He was teammates with Shotaro Tashiro at the University)


Note: All three players are expected to play in Game 2 of the All-Star Series on July 16 in Yokohama.


Special Thanks to our friend "Maple Ash" for providing translation.  


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  1. Hi guys. Nice post and shame about Mejia not making the starting line up.
    However, you have the dates for the all star series wrong.
    They are: Jul. 15 (fri) Fukuoka Dome, Jul. 16 (sat) Yokohama
    I wondered when you wrote July 18 because I have tickets for the Lions-M's on that date! lol!