Friday, September 30, 2016

Graveyard Baseball Podcast: Lions ŌenDEN Bonus Episode 1: 2016 NPB Playoffs

In a special episode of Lions ŌenDEN, Christian and Wes breakdown the 2016 NPB postseason in a draft format. As a collaboration, they rank each of the six Climax Series teams based on their chance of winning the Japan Series.

This is not based on talent and roster alone, but rather the path required and matchups teams will face that determined this ranking. While some rotations and other factors helped us decide who goes in front of who, we considered all tangible options when picking the top and bottom.

Click here to download.  Click here if the embed doesn't work.

We would like to address that the Hiroshima Carp's record against the top Central League teams wasn't as dominant as B-class as said on this episode. However, we still would have placed them where they are in our rankings given the odds compared to the rest of NPB.

Did we get the rankings wrong?  Do you have other thoughts?  Let us know!


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  1. I don't know what the Marines' record is on the road against the Hawks and Fighters this season, but I definitely like their path the least out of any playoff team, despite what history says (and how many players from the 2010 squad are still there anyways?).

    The Giants and BayStars have an equal chance of advancing to face the Carp, and both of those teams are 5-7 in Hiroshima this year... granted circumstances are different in the playoffs (down 1 game, facing a rested 1st place team). But I would say either of these teams stands a fighting chance against the Fish, where the Marines have to beat the two best teams in NPB, all on the road, to reach the Nippon Series. For which they also cede home field advantage to the CL team. Which, if it's the Carp, would require the Marines to beat the THREE best teams in baseball.

    Just my thoughts.

    1. Marines had a bad head to head record against the Hawks. But they did well in Fukuoka. They're also a team not scared of Otani.