Friday, February 24, 2017

Graveyard Baseball Podcast: Lions ŌenDEN Bonus Episode 2: 2017 World Baseball Classic

Christian and Wes return for another bonus episode previewing the entire 2017 World Baseball Classic. They predict each group, analyze Samurai Japan and Team USA, discuss a potential ending and who wins the tournament.

We would appreciate all feedback on this episode and what predictions do you have?

Here are the time stamps on each topic:

Intro and Samurai Japan analysis @ 00:00

Group A @ 16:30

Group B @ 28:05

Group C @ 34:40

Group D @ 42:30

Team U.S.A. Analysis and a stateside perspective @ 52:20

Predicting the Tournament @ 1:01:42

Miscellaneous WBC talk: Is this the final event? @ 1:04:40

Click here if the podcast embed isn't visible. Click here to download.

Note: This Episode was recorded before the news of Alex Reyes' injury, Khris Davis' doubts about playing in the WBC, and Adrian Gonzalez's possible injury. As well, as Commissioner Rob Manfred's press conference.


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