Monday, July 10, 2017

Translation: Seibu Lions players react to being voted into 2017 All Star Series

Shogo Akiyama, Hideto Asamura and Kazuhisa Makita were interviewed after being selected for the 2017 All-Star Series
With Shogo Akiyama, Hideto Asamura and Kazuhisa Makita being selected for the 2017 All-Star
series by the fan vote, the Saitama Seibu Lions uploaded a video of an interview reacting to this.

Here is what they said on making the Series:

Kazuhisa Makita: "Thank you for choosing me for the second consecutive year. Since I am one of very few [submarine] pitchers, I would like to show what I can do [well] in front of all fans."

Hideto Asamura: "Frankly I am very happy. This is the fifth time that I've made it and I am really excited because it is the dream stage for me. I want to show my 'full swing' in front of all fans!"

Shogo Akiyama: "I am very honored that I was picked among all of the great players [from] both leagues. Lots of fans there will cheer for us and I would like to play while having fun, [but I'm also] feeling a little bit nervous."


All three players were also asked on which Central League player they want to face in the All-Star series.

Makita: "[Yoshitomo] Tsutsugo [of the DeNA Baystars]. I thought he was a great player when I played against him during the interleague series." 

Asamura: "[Tomoyuki] Sugano [of the Yomiuri Giants]. I think he is one of the best pitchers in NPB. I would like to play against him again." 

Akiyama: "I don't know who will play. I would like to play against whoever lets me hit!"


Lastly, Makita, Asamura and Akiyama were asked about a goal to have during the All-Star series:

Makita: "Three consecutive strikeouts [in one inning]." 

Asamura: "I would like to hit a home run." (He hit one in Yokohama last year)

Akiyama: "[I would like to have a] 'diving catch'." *Laughter* "I can't make it alone, so I need some help from other players." 


The first All-star game will be on July 14 from Nagoya Dome while the second one will be at Zozotown Marine Field on July 15. Yusei Kikuchi was also added to the Pacific League roster by Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters manager Hideki Kuriyama. Sosuke Genda also became an addition replacing Eigoro Mogi of the Rakuten Eagles. 

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