Saturday, December 2, 2017

Translation: Lions speak on each 2017 draft pick

The Saitama Seibu Lions office made a public statement about each draft pick when profiling them on their website.

Here is the scout's take on each player:

P Hiromasa Saito: 

"He is a 3/4 arm slot pitcher and is expected to contribute right away. His crossfire pitching style is his best weapon."


OF Manaya Nishikawa: 

"He is a good bat control hitter who hits at a wide angle. Nishikawa is a speedster who can be a regular starter in the future."


P Sho Ito: 

"His fastball is highly appealing as he has a strong arm. He's capable of being a starter and middle reliever while his best pitch is the fork."


P Kaima Taira: 

"He is an energetic pitcher with (velocity) that can attract a crowd."


P Kaito Yoza:

"He is a pitcher with good control and is a sharp submariner. His awareness is strong and he excels at fielding with quickness. Yoza's form is similar to Kazuhisa Makita."


IF Ryusei Tsunashima: 

"Tsunashima has a strong throw and is a speedster."


(Ikusei) OF Wataru Takagi: 

"Takagi has good bad control and can hit for extra bases."


(Ikusei) C Masato Saito: 

"His is a smart and clever catcher with his excellent defensive skills."


Special thanks to our translator for this piece, who wishes to remain anonymous. 

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