Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Translation: Takayuki Kishi reacts to new contract for next season

Takayuki Kishi signed a new deal for 2016, which is good for 225 million yen, an estimated $1.8 million in dollars. Here is a summary of his short press conference, with the help of translation from @maple_ash and @shiba_scope.

On reflections from the 2015 season: 
Kishi said he regrets being injured three times in training camp, the start of the year and at the end of 2015. He thought his injuries were not due to lack of preparation. He hopes to be ready for next year.

On offseason plans:
Kishi is looking forward to winter training with 2014 first round draft pick Kona Takahashi. After finishing his rookie season, Takahashi asked to train with Kishi and with Fumiya Nishiguchi now retired, the veteran ace feels he has responsibility as the leader in the rotation.

On goals for 2016: 
Kishi hopes to not be injured and doesn't plan to change his pitching style for next year. His goal is to win a team championship and believes they can as long as they're healthy.


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