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2016 Seibu Lions: How the roster was built

Photo from the Lions twitter in Miyazaki at an intrasquad game
The 2016 Saitama Seibu Lions roster was put up on the NPB website. They also added three new coaches to the staff and promoted a handful of them from within.

After further research, we looked back at draft history and where the players were taken from. Whether it's an industrial league, university or high school level, or even an ikusei pick, almost everyone came from the draft. We removed the school/industrial league team of origin, but the spot where each player was taken or signed is now public in English. 

Here is a compiled list of players with their estimated 2016 salaries revealed. This list does not include signing bonuses, which some rookies received. To estimate ¥ yen in US Dollars, move the decimal place over twice, where an example of ¥100,000,000 is about $1,000,000. A legend is listed below and notice some players have more than one letter or symbol next to them.

All listings come from the NPB Website and draft archives, which were only available in Japanese. We successfully have the data in English for the 2016 Lions roster.

Starting Pitchers:

Takayuki Kishi (11) [Kibouwaku pick, 2006] $U; ¥225 million
Andy Van Hekken (47) [Purchased contract rights, November 2015]*&; {Nexen Heroes, KBO} ¥144 million
Ken Togame (21) [1st round draft pick, 2011] I; ¥60 million
Felipe Paulino (4) [Free agent, 2016]* {Cleveland Indians AAA} ¥60 million
Ryoma Nogami (20) [2nd round draft pick, 2008] I; ¥58 million
Yusei Kikuchi (16) [1st round draft pick, 2009] HS; ¥55 million
Chun-Lin Kuo (12) [Free agent, 2014]*  {Taiwanese National Team U23} ¥30 million
Kona Takahashi (17) [1st round draft pick, 2014] HS;  ¥18 million
Makoto Aiuchi (41) [2nd round draft pick, 2012] HS;  ¥7 million
Isamu Sato (63) [5th round draft pick, 2012] HS; ¥5 million

Relief Pitchers: 

C.C. Lee (54) [Paid about $350K-$500K for contract, November 2015]*& {Cleveland Indians} ¥84 million
Kazuhisa Makita (35) [2nd round draft pick, 2010] I;  ¥75 million
Tatsushi Masuda (14) [1st round draft pick, 2012] I; ¥70 million
Tomomi Takahashi (43) [4th round draft pick, 2012] I; ¥58 million
Shota Takekuma (48) [4th round high school draft pick, 2007] ^;  ¥38.5 million
Atsushi Okamoto (22) [6th round draft pick 2003] U; ¥31 million
Esmerling Vasquez (42) [Free agent, 2014]* {Arizona Diamondbacks/Minnesota Twins}; ¥24 million
Yosuke Okamoto (30) [6th round draft pick, 2009] I; ¥23 million
Yasuo Sano (34) [2nd round draft pick, 2014] U; ¥12 million
Takuya Toyoda (19) [3rd round draft pick, 2013] I; ¥11.2 million
Tatsuya Oishi (15) [1st round draft pick, 2010] U; ¥11 million
Ryohei Fujiwara (28) [3rd round university draft pick, 2007] ^ ¥10 million
Toshihiro Iwao (31) [3rd round draft pick, 2009] U; ¥10.5 million
Takayuki Yamaguchi (40) [5th round draft pick, 2013] I;  ¥8.5 million
Kazuki Miyata (68) [6th round draft pick, 2008] U; ¥8.5 million
Hirotaka Koishi (29) [2nd round draft pick, 2011] I; ¥8 million
Kentaro Fukukura (50) [7th round draft pick, 2013] U; ¥6.5 million
Yusuke Tamamura (38) [4th round drafft pick, 2014] HS ¥6 million
Yuta Nakazaki (46) [1st round draft pick, 2008] HS  ¥5 million

Rookie Pitchers:

Shinsaburo Tawata (18) [1st round draft pick, 2015] U;  ¥15 million
Seiji Kawagoe (26) [2nd round draft pick, 2015] U; ¥12 million
Shogo Noda (23) [3rd round draft pick ,2015] I; ¥12 million
Tadasuke Minamikawa (36) [5th round draft pick, 2015] I;  ¥10 million
Keisuke Honda (45) [6th round draft pick, 2015] U; ¥7 million
Tsubasa Kokuba (57) [8th round draft pick, 2015] U;  ¥6 million
Koki Fujita (67) [9th round draft pick, 2015] HS; ¥5 million
Naoaki Matsumoto (66) [10th round draft pick, 2015] I; ¥5 million



Ginjiro Sumitani (27) [1st round high school pick, 2005] ^;  ¥100 million
Tomoya Mori (10) [1st round draft pick, 2013] HS;  ¥40 million
Masatoshi Okada (37) [6th round draft pick, 2013] I; ¥14 million
Tatsuyuki Uemoto (49) [6th round draft pick, 2002] I; ¥12 million
Takanori Hoshi (25) [Trade with Yomiuri Giants for cash] #; ¥10 million
Shota Nakata (64) [6th round high school draft pick, 2007] ^; ¥6.8 million
Komei Fujisawa (78) [Ikusei pick, 2011] iU; ¥5 million



Takeya "Okawari-Kun" Nakamura (60) [2nd round draft pick, 2001] HS; ¥410 million
Ernesto Mejia (99) [Free agent, May 2014]* {Atlanta Braves AAA}  ¥300 million
Hideto Asamura (32) [3rd round draft pick, 2008] HS; ¥100 million
Naoto Watanabe (8) [Trade with DeNA for RP Shuichiro Osada, 2013] #; ¥52 million
Yuji Kaneko (2) [3rd round draft pick, 2012] U; ¥24 million
Yuji Onizaki (5) [Trade with Yakult for RP Chikara Onodera, 2011] #; ¥23 million
Shogo Kimura (0) [Free Agent] %; {Hiroshima Carp and Yokohama Baystars} ¥20 million
Shuta Tonosaki (44) [3rd round draft pick, 2014] U ¥14 million
Kyohei Nagae (59) [4th round draft pick, 2011] HS ¥11 million
Hotaka Yamakawa (33) [2nd round draft pick, 2013] U; ¥10 million
Kazuki Kaneko (56) [4th round draft pick, 2013] HS; ¥6 million
Haruka Yamada (52) [5th round draft pick, 2014] HS; ¥6 million
Daichi Mizuguchi (00) [Ikusei draft pick, 2012] iI; ¥5.5 million

Rookie Infielder:

Nien Ting Wu (39) [7th round draft pick, 2015] U;  ¥6 million



Takumi Kuriyama (1) [4th round draft pick, 2001] HS;  ¥200 million
Shogo Akiyama (55) [3rd round draft pick, 2010] U; ¥150 million
Yutaro Osaki (9) [6th round university draft pick, 2006] ^;  ¥23 million
Shogo Saito (65) [7th round high school draft pick, 2007] ^; ¥16 million
Fumikazu Kimura (51) [1st round high school draft pick, 2006]^; ¥16 million
Masato Kumashiro (58) [6th round draft pick, 2010] I; ¥15 million
Ryo Sakata (88) [4th round draft pick, 2008] U; ¥12 million
Naotaka Takehara (6) [Free agent] %; {Orix Buffaloes and Chiba Lotte Marines} ¥12 million
Shotaro Tashiro (61) [5th round draft pick, 2011] U; ¥6.4 million
Hitoto Komazuki (62) [3rd round draft pick, 2011] HS; ¥5.3 million
Daisuke Togawa (71) [Ikusei pick, 2014] iHS;  ¥5 milllion

Rookie Outfielder:

Aito Otaki (53) [4th round draft pick, 2015] HS; ¥6 million



U - Drafted out of University/College

I - Drafted out of Industrial or Independent League

HS - Drafted out of High School

^ - Drafted in a year where High School and University drafts were separate. From 2005-2007, those taken in high school were separated from those taken out Universities or Industrial/Independent League teams.
$ - Kibouwaku Pick - From 2005-2007, teams and players (only at the University and Industrial level) were allowed to reach an agreement prior to the draft. This would forego any first and second round draft pick in the University draft. Prior to 2005, this was known as Jiyū-waku and teams would forfeit a first round draft pick.

* - Foreign import signing 

& - Purchased contract rights from another team. {Team listed in curly brackets}

# - Traded domestically

% - Domestic free agent (Passed a tryout and earned a roster spot)

i - Ikusei draft pick. It's similar to how an NFL practice squad works, except they're drafted in an ikusei round after the initial NPB Draft.  For more information, you can click here. The Lions currently have no one on their ikusei roster and have three former picks promoted to the 70-man roster.


Lastly, here is the coaching staff of the Lions both at the ichi-gun and ni-gun level (according to the Lions website).

Head Manager (Supervisor)
90 Norio Tanabe (田辺 徳雄)

Ichi-gun Coaches
81 Hidetoshi Hakamada (袴田 英利) – Chief and Battery
86 Tetsuya Shiozaki (潮崎 哲也) - Head Coach and Pitching
73 Hideki Hashigami (橋上 秀樹) - Strategy*
80 Shigenobu Shima (嶋 重宣) – Batting
76 Masahiro Abe (阿部 真宏) - Batting
82 Masanori Taguchi (田口 昌徳) – Battery*
72 Yoshihiro Doi (土肥 義弘) – Pitching
74 Narahara Hiroshi (奈良原 浩) – Infield defense and Base-running (3B coach)
70 Tomoaki Sato (佐藤 友亮) – Outfield defense and Base-running*
92 Shinobu Sakamoto (坂本 忍) - Training
96 Tatsuya Nakano (中野 達也) – Training

Ni-gun Coaches
83 Hisanori Yokota (横田 久則) – Farm Manager
75 Hiroyuki Takagi (高木 浩之) – Farm Hitting and Head Coach
91 Eiji Kiyokawa (清川 栄治) – Farm Pitching
85 Miyaji Katsuhiko (宮地 克彦) – Farm Batting and outfield defense
89 Shinji Mori (森 慎二) – Farm pitching and training
84 Kosaku Akimoto (秋元 宏作) – Farm Battery
77 Shogo Akada (赤田 将吾) – Farm Development
87 Tetsushi Kuroda (黒田 哲史) – Farm infield defense and Base-running
98 Takafumi Sato (里 隆文) – Farm Training
95 Haruki Kurokawa (黒川 春樹) - Farm Training

* New coach

The biggest thing to note is how Tetsuya Shiozaki was promoted to being the Head Coach, which is the equivalent to being the bench coach in MLB terms. It's possible that he is the next one in line to be manager after Norio Tanabe.


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