Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Pianist plays Seibu Lions 2016 Ōendan songs

A Youtube user known as Dwayne27045 plays NPB songs for each season on every team. This person uploaded the 2016 edition and posted a lineup the Saitama Seibu Lions would use for this past year. 

Shown above is the video with Lions Oendan songs showing their projected lineup based on frequent pay. It is in the order as follows:

RF Yuji Kaneko

CF Shogo Akiyama

2B Hideto Asamura

1B Ernesto Mejia

3B Takeya "Okawari-kun" Nakamura

DH/OF/C Tomoya Mori

LF Takumi Kuriyama

SS Nien Ting Wu (General Purpose Theme)

C Ginjiro Sumitani


A few things to note about this edition:

-Nien Ting Wu doesn't have his own Ouenka song. There are several "generic" songs used for guys with little ichi-gun experience. An example of this was how Ernesto Mejia had a generic song for 2014 because he was a midseason pickup.  Multiple players have shared the generic purpose theme.  If you listen to the Orix edition, Shuhei Kojima, Kenya Wakatsuki and Masataka Yoshida had the same generic theme. 

-Mejia's theme was not fully played like the 2015 edition.  

-This is the first time Kaneko makes the cut as he became a leadoff hitter at times during the year. The full slow intro is played at the beginning.  

-In the Fighters' edition, the composer added the Fighers Hymn song (the theme the use during Lucky 7) at the end.  

-For the Chiba Lotte Marines edition, the composer inserted "Saburo" Omura's theme at the end as a tribute since he retired from baseball. 

-Listen to all 12 editions and other tidbits/archives here

Lions chance (and scoring) songs can be heard here. 


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