Thursday, January 19, 2017

Translation: 2017 Seibu Lions rookies speak at camp

Seibu Lions rookies partake in exercises for rookie camp at Seibu II
All draft picks for the Saitama Seibu Lions moved into their dorms earlier this month to start a mandatory rookie camp at Seibu II. The Lions had six draft picks last October in Tatsuya Imai, Shunta Nakatsuka, Sosuke Genda, Shohei Suzuki, Katsunori Hirai and Ichiro Tamura.

When the rookies move in, its usually common to find out what items they took with them. Nakatsuka in particular brought a cup that said to "beware of metabolic syndrome" or don't get overweight. Imai and Suzuki had a Daruma with them.

As a special, the Lions uploaded a video showing some of the exercises and each rookie spoke about some early experiences. Here is what they said in a statement:

P Tatsuya Imai (今井 達也)

"Until now, I have spent most of the time practicing by myself, but I started working [with others], which was encouraging. Since [Shohei] Suzuki and I are the [high school graduates of the six rookies], I would like to [work hard enough to earn] my position."


P Ichiro Tamura (田村 伊知郎)

"There [was] a lot more crowd coming to see us practicing, which was [a] first experience and made me realize I have become a professional player."


IF Sosuke Genda (源田 壮亮)

"I hope I can join Ichi-gun training camp to compete with other shortstop players, so I want to spend January practicing steadily so I will not get injured."

Note: Ichi-gun training camp is located in Miyazaki prefecture while the ni-gun camp, which carries half of the team, is in Kochi prefecture. 


P Katsunori Hirai (平井 克典)

"My priority is to focus on building my strength without rushing so I can join the Ichi-gun."


P Shunta Nakatsuka (中塚 駿太)

"I felt really excited to play with the famous players I have seen on TV. I realized that I have become a professional when I was having a meal with [Takumi] Kuriyama-san."


OF Shohei Suzuki (鈴木 将平)

"I was impressed when I shook hands with other players and found that their hands were thick and tight through hard work. I want to learn from them as much as possible to be a player who is seen in the same way from next year's rookies."


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